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E3 2018 Discussion

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It's that time of year again. This is the official discussion topic for E3 2018, As we get closer to the events of E3, discuss any game or hardware announcements you'd like to see happen or any predictions you may have on what will be shown and announced.

Links to the major press conferences and events and / or embeds of the video streams will be posted in this topic when they become available.

For those interested in specific press conferences, Below are the start times for all of the major press conferences and events, that have been announced at this point, the list will be updated as more are announced.

All times listed below are Central Daylight Time (CDT).

  • EA - Saturday, June 9th - 1 PM.
  • Microsoft - Sunday, June 10th - 3 PM.
  • Bethesda - Sunday, June 10th - 8:30 PM.
  • Square Enix - Monday, June 11th - 12 PM.
  • Ubisoft - Monday, June 11th – 3 PM.
  • PC Gaming - Monday, June 11th - 5 PM.
  • Sony - Monday, June 11th - 8 PM.
  • Nintendo - Tuesday, June 12th - 11 AM.

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