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My All-in-One Nintendo console idea

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I posted this sometime back, but with the Ataribox being announced, it reminded me about this, so I decided to re-post this and update a few things.


I've been thinking of a console that would benefit all Nintendo gamers, who enjoy the retro games and modern games on Nintendo platforms and tried to make it a profitable idea for Nintendo too. So here is my idea for the ultimate Nintendo retro console, it could co-exist along side the Switch or possibly added to the Switch and it's features.

*Would have huge built in storage, and would include a vastly improved online account system and infrastructure.
*Would offer full compatibility with all licensed games for ~all previous Nintendo platforms, via optional attachments (for each platform) that would allow retro Nintendo cartridges and discs to become playable and ~~transferable to the system storage, your transferred game library would also be uploaded and you could re-download anytime. You would no longer need the cart or disc inserted to play the games you have transferred.
*Game saves can also be transferred from cartridges and memory cards to system storage.
*Would be compatible with most if not all prior Nintendo platforms controllers, but improved wireless / wired versions of all the controllers would also be available, including a new light gun that would work on all light gun supported games on modern TV sets.
*A huge selection of Virtual console games would be available for download for those who don't have / want the physical games.
*All Non-HD games would be upscaled and would have various filter options to get the best picture possible.
*Would have other modern features such as save states and the ability to take screenshots and record game play videos with the option to upload to various online platforms.
*Online play enabled for classic games, ability to play almost any classic multiplayer game online, including games that previously didn't have the option, using P2P technology.
*No region locks, games from all regions are playable and transferable to digital for all platforms.
*Could allow other companies such as SEGA to bring their classic games over with optional accessories for each platform.

~ NES / Famicom, Super NES / Super Famicom, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Virtual Boy, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.

~~You must be online to transfer physical games to hard drive and would be for an undetermined set price, this is to make the cost worth it to Nintendo to include the cart / disc to digital transfer feature.


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