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The Most Satisfying Thing I've Ever Done In Final Fantasy XIV: Online

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So Final Fantasy XIV Online is know for having gil sellers and farm botters (in this game its mostly Lalafell Blackmages and 1 bard in a group)

while doing a quest. I accidentally pulled an A rank hunting mob named Kurrea ( a giant mudpuppy, can easily be soloable if you have a silencing ability) and while trying to run away I found a group of bots.

so the evil in me had fun. and hell broke loose.

i kept getting them killed until i forced them to Disconnect. justice has been served.

offtopic. yep my chocobo is named John Cena.

and a victory dab for all the legit players :D











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Blue Rose

That does sound like it was pretty satisfying.

...you're sure they were bots and not just people who didn't know what they were doing and didn't say anything though, right? ^ ^;

....but yes, if you were sure - I can see where that'd be a high point.  It's not even like 14 is as grind-y as 11 was to where people'd feel the need to do that.......

(And yay for John Cena chocobo!  My husband named his Vindaloo. ; p )

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im sure they were bots. they were all bunched together and teleporting.

plus their names too. thats obvious to tell.

heres some video footage before they all d/c on me

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